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The Biden Transition team released that the theme of the inauguration on January 20th will be “America United.” President-elect Biden has made several references to this being a “time to heal and come together,” especially after the Capitol riots on January 6th.

But it might stun you to know that a fragment of American society just hearing that it’s a time for healing and unity isn’t going to get the job done. Most Americans — perhaps not any — will hear President Biden’s call for unity and healing at his inauguration, mute their televisions, repent, and sit down to write…

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The House of Representatives appears to be moving forward with determination to impeach President Trump for a second time, perhaps even with bipartisan support. Many people will cry foul and say this is a waste of time because he will leave office on January 20th, but it is not.

Whenever impeachment is mentioned it is centered around the consequence of removal from office if convicted by the U.S. Senate, but that is only half of the possible outcome. The Senate is also empowered to bar the person from ever holding any office in the United States ever again. That is…

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As the events of January 6th and Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol unfolded, you could hear reporters covering the event struggle with how to define the people perpetrating an act of insurrection. Are they protestors? Rioters? Terrorists? If you trace their motivations and who incited them to violence, you would have a hard time not identifying them as the agents of a terrorist movement.

Freedom of speech should be guarded at all costs, but your right to free speech ends at the incitement to violence. Now QAnon and all those who associate with deliberately spreading misinformation have blood on…

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Dear President Trump:

I know the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have brought you low this week as you lose the Presidency to Joe Biden… by several million real votes and a few dozen Electoral College ones. Still, I’m writing to let you know that you have got it all wrong: it’s time to put down the legal challenges and prepare for what will probably be the best years of your life starting at 12:01pm, January 20th.

You are going to absolutely love being a former President of the United States. I’m a Democrat who, frankly, has never liked…

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The dust has not quite settled on the November 3rd election and we could be headed into weeks of legal challenges, recounts, misinformation, and uncertainty; but it seems clear that neither party should be walking away unscathed and victorious.

Both parties look to have delivered some serious blows in expectations to the other. For Democrats a tentative and narrow White House victory, relatively straightforward experience at the polls, and a showing in the popular vote look great. …

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Right now the comment-sphere of political social media is overrun by amateur pundits who put themselves forward as both constitutional law scholars and epidemiologists. It’s maddening. They say with absolute certainty, because they saw a hastily put together infographic from their high school buddy, that a mask mandate is unconstitutional. They then proudly declare this newly gained certainty to the world by chiding public health officials as tyrants running afoul of our sacred founding documents.

Then the other shoe drops. Someone says, “How is a mask mandate unconstitutional?” This inquisitor may even cite examples like speed limits, seatbelt mandates, vaccination…

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While America goes tumbling into the future without a clear plan for responding to COVID-19, the Democratic Party is facing an internal debate about whether to hold its national convention in-person this August. Many DNC Delegates, and I am a delegate for Elizabeth Warren from Colorado, are expressing concerns or outright intent to boycott an in-person convention over health concerns. Meanwhile, DNC chair Tom Perez has indicated the party will hold a “muscular” convention in Milwaukee in just a few months.

Couple that with presumptive nominee Joe Biden facing a steady stream of misconduct allegations and you have a recipe…

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As the country’s health infrastructure is ravaged by COVID-19, two key U.S. Senators — both of whom ran for President in 2020 — have proposed the creation of a Health Force to respond to the crisis.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) want to create a federal service that can work on contact tracing, testing patients for COVID-19, and (hopefully) administer a future vaccine en masse. …

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With the Iowa Caucus only a month away and the next Democratic presidential debate currently standing at five participants, it’s time to start looking at who is in the running to join the Democratic ticket in 2020.

The nominee of each party picks their running mate as candidate for Vice President of the United States. To be eligible for the Vice Presidency you have to be able to serve as President, so that means you’re at least 35 and a natural-born American citizen.

A historically (sometimes comically) insignificant office, the Vice President now sits on the President’s cabinet, has a…

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Right now the discussions on intrusive data practices are failing to ask an important question: to what degree do we even deserve data privacy?

Ask any internet crusader and they will tell you that companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are compiling unprecedented amounts of data on their users. A lot of that data is kept and used in-house as the means to better market to their own customer base. In the case of the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook data got out of its cage and changed the world.

Our user data is a powerful force to be sure…

Barrett Rothe

Coloradan, American, Democrat… in that order. Husband, father to two daughters, and policy nerd.

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